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 Programming Procedure
Hormann Ecomatic & SupraMatic
remote control transmitters
(also applies to Garador Auto Expert & Auto M2 electric operators)

Hormann HS, HSM & HSE series transmitters can learn the
unique security code from an existing working transmitter
Hormann 40Mhz code copy Hormann 868Mhz code copy
(a) original (teaching) transmitter
(b) replacement learning transmitter

Standard Programming Procedure ('Method A')

Caution  --  Activation of the teaching transmitter during the
learning procedure may set the door in motion if within range !

Programming 'Method A'

1/ Hold the transmitter which is to 'teach' the code (teaching transmitter) 'a' and the transmitter
which is to 'learn' the code (learning transmitter) 'b' beside each other as illustrated above.
Important - the battery in the teaching transmitter must be in 'fresh' condition

2/ Press and hold the desired button on the teaching transmitter - the LED on it should glow

3/ Continue to depress the button on the teaching transmitter and also press and hold the button which is to learn this code on the learning transmitter - the LED on the learning transmitter initially flashes slowly for 4 seconds, then starts flashing more rapidly to confirm the learning process is complete

4/ Release the buttons on both transmitters and check that both transmitters operate the door,
repeat steps 1 - 4 again if it fails to operate the door.

Note: If your transmitters are used to control more than one door you'll need to carry out the programming procedure separately for each button.

Important information regarding BiSecur transmitters
If you intend to programme a new BiSecur transmitter to an older Hormann 868Mhz system that originally used 'blue button' transmitters and you don't currently have a working original transmitter please tick the box 'Configure BiSecur transmitter for compatibility with old blue button system'  after clicking the 'Buy Now' button and we'll configure the new transmitter into 'blue button 868Mhz compatibility mode' prior to despatch. This will enable you to programme the new BiSecur transmitter directly from the motor unit in your garage by following programming 'method B' as described below:

Alternative Programming Procedure ('Method B')
If an original transmitter has been lost or stolen, or you no longer have an original 'working' keyfob
you must program a new replacement keyfob to your Hormann receiver unit by this method.

When you teach the code of a new transmitter into the receiver using 'Method B' it will create a new 'master' transmitter and over-write the previously stored code in the receiver unit with a new code.  Any subsequent keyfobs must programmed to your system by copying the security code from your new 'master' transmitter into any additional keyfobs by following programming 'Method A' above.

Programming a new keyfob transmitter
Examine your Hormann garage door operator unit and you should find a receiver module attached to it by a connecting wire, (similar to those shown below) usually grey in colour this module will have a small red push-button on the receiver module casing.   This red button will put the receiver into 'learn' mode whereby it will learn & memorise the security code directly from the new transmitter.

Press the red 'learn' button on the receiver module briefly and a light beside the button should start flashing slowly, then take the new keyfob transmitter and press the button you wish to use and the light on the receiver unit should flash rapidly for a few seconds then stop flashing when the new code has been stored.  This action will automatically over-write the previously stored code, this new 'teaching transmitter' should now operate your door.

Any additional keyfobs you wish to use must be cloned from the 'teaching transmitter' by the learning method as described in method 'A' above

Note: Some 868Mhz Hormann operators such as the ProMatic 2 & SupraMatic E2 etc. have an integral remote control receiver so if you have one of these you'll need to refer to procedure as detailed in the users manual for the direct programming method if you don't have an 'already programmed' transmitter from which you can 'copy' the remote code. Documentation for Hormann operators can be downloaded from their website:

Important Note:  The colour of the buttons on Hormann
transmitters indicate the operating frequency of the system

Frequency identification

The radio frequency is printed
on the receiver module

Click image to enlarge

Hormann HE1 40.685Mhz receiver module

Hormann 40.685 Mhz transmitters have
a grey case with light grey buttons

Note: the aerial wire on 40.685Mhz
receiver is approx 200cm long

Click image to enlarge

Hormann HE-1 868Mhz receiver module illustrated
with a type HSM mini transmitter (light blue buttons)

Note: the aerial wire on the 868Mhz receiver is approx 10cm long

Hormann/Garador 40.685Mhz transmitters are slightly heavier than the 868Mhz version so this may also help with frequency identification.

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