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Remote control handset and keyfob transmitters for
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Remote control upgrade for
Hormann / Garador garage door operators

Don't despair if your original transmitters are obsolete

From Germany's leading garage
door operator manufacturer

German Quality at your Fingertips !

We have a convenient & easy to fit
radio upgrade with high security anti-scan
'rolling code' technology to suit
Hormann garage door operator

Our mini keyfob alternative

Our upgrade comprises of a new 433Mhz remote control transmitter and a
matching radio receiver module that can be fitted to your existing Hormann garage door operator within about 5 minutes with no technical knowledge

Hormann 'SupraMatic S'
& GTS series door operators

(also Marantec Comfort 130 - 140)
These models have three terminals to connect the Seip
EKR1MCG upgrade receiver kit. (the terminal cover has
been removed in these photo's to reveal the connections)

Click image to enlarge

Before - with the original Hormann receiver

Note: the original Hormann receiver unit can
be unplugged and removed
(see F.A.Q.)

  Click image to enlarge

After - with new Seip receiver upgrade fitted

Connect the Seip EKR1MCG receiver as follows:
black/blue wires to terminal 1 (left terminal)
blue wire to terminal 2 (centre terminal)
red wire to terminal 3 (right terminal)

Note: The above info also applies to the Marantec Comfort
130 - 140 operators as both products are very similar

Fitting a Seip EKR1MCG receiver & keyfob
upgrade to later Hormann & Garador operators

Click images for more detail

Hormann 'SupraMatic E'

Garador Auto Expert

Hormann SupraMatic E, ProMatic,
Garador Auto Expert & M2
(order Seip receiver with three wire ends)

Disconnect the original Hormann receiver unit
(green, white & brown wires) and connect the wires
from the new Seip EKR1MCG receiver unit as follows:

terminal 20
remove the original green wire and connect the new black & blue wires
terminal 21 (impulse signal)
remove the original white wire and connect the new blue wire
terminal 5 (24v DC supply)
remove the original brown wire and connect the new red wire

Hormann ProMatic V2

Fitting a Seip EKR1MCG receiver to a
Hormann SupraMatic E2 operator
(order Seip receiver with three wire ends)

Connect the three wires from the Seip 24 volt
receiver unit to
the SupraMatic E2 as follows:
(see fig 3.1)

terminal 5
(24v DC supply) connect the red wire from the Seip EKR1MCG 24 volt receiver unit
terminal 21 (impulse signal) connect the blue wire from the Seip EKR1MCG 24 volt receiver unit

terminal 20
(common) connect the black & blue wires from the Seip EKR1MCG 24 volt receiver unit
(terminal 22 is not used)

Click image to enlarge

The four wires from the original Hormann receiver unit (if fitted) may be removed

Click image for more detail

Hormann Ecomatic

Hormann Ecomatic
(order Seip receiver with three wire ends)
disconnect the original Hormann receiver unit (green, white & brown wires) from the Ecomatic PCB and connect the wires from new Seip receiver unit as follows:

terminal 1 (common)
remove the original green wire and connect the new black & blue wires
terminal 2 (impulse signal)
remove the original white wire and connect the new blue wire
terminal 3 (24v DC supply)
remove the original brown wire and connect the new red wire

Click image for more detail

The original Hormann/Garador receiver unit can be removed (see F.A.Q.)

Note: If you have an early Hormann operator such as models GTD50 and GTO90 etc. which have no 24 volt connections to provide power for an alternative radio receiver system but have a pair of terminals for connecting a wall mounted pushbutton control switch you can use a 230 volt mains powered receiver

The two core bell wire from our new receiver unit should be connected to the far right pair of terminals of the four way terminal block on the side of the GTD /GTO series door operator (the two terminals nearest to the black fuse holder)

Click image to enlarge

Hormann model GTD50
this model requires a 230 volt mains
powered receiver - click here for details

German Quality at your Fingertips !

Simple D.I.Y. Installation

We even supply
a screwdriver  !

Can be installed and working within about 5 minutes with no technical knowledge

Click image to enlarge

Seip EKR1MCG receiver upgrade
(illustrated with mini & midi keyfob options)
receiver module dimensions 90mm x 30mm x 19.5mm

Don't just take our word for it !  -   Read what our customers say !

Me and my Hormann Supramatic S would like to thank you for providing great product and great service, especially considering that I'm an overseas customer from Spain. I purchased a Seip EKR1MCG receiver, mini keyfobs & wireless wall switch.  I asked a local dealer for similar service and costs were disappointing. APL to the rescue, new radio receiver fitted within less than 5 minutes, took me longer to find the ladder...Love the wireless wall switch and the mini keyfobs.  Highly recommended for Hormann operators with old remotes! A pleasure to do business with!!  Jose Luis, Bilbao, Spain.   I Bought a Seip EKR1MCG receiver/keyfob kit to update my Hormann Ecomatic garage door operator. Have to say the fitting was extremely easy and genuinely <5min from start to finish. Pre-sales technical support was impressive & faultless. The Seip mini keyfob remotes are also much nicer (& smaller) than the Hormann ones. Buy with confidence!
Simon, Durham.

Read More Reviews from our Customers

Choice of keyfob style transmitter to suit your lifestyle
Seip SKRJ433 mini keyfob

'Mini' keyfob transmitter SKRJ433
The toughest & most durable keyfob transmitter available,
it can be kept on your keyring or fitted in your car
to control up to two doors or gates

dimensions 41mm x 26mm x 10mm
weight: 8gms - CR1616 lithium batteries included

'Midi' keyfob transmitter SKR433-3
can provide individual control of up to four receivers
dimensions 69mm x 32mm x 14mm
weight 24gms - CR2032 lithium battery included
Choice of termination type

Three crimped fork terminals
for easy connection to early
Hormann SupraMatic electric
operators with screw terminals
(further details at top of page)

Three wire ends for connection
to  Hormann 'Ecomatic' and
'SupraMatic E' electric operators
(further details at top of page)
  Receiver unit: excl. VAT (no keyfob included)
Mini keyfob transmitters: each excl. VAT
Midi keyfob transmitters: each
excl. VAT
(special offer price when ordered with a Seip EKR series receiver)

How to order:
To specify the contents of your upgrade kit, select the receiver termination type you require from the drop-down list and choose the quantity of receiver units you require (one per door) and your desired quantities of 'Mini' & 'Midi' keyfobs and click 'Buy Now'

The total price for your selection
will be displayed at the checkout

Receiver termination: 

Quantity of receiver units:


Total quantity of Mini keyfobs:


Total quantity of Midi keyfobs:


order before 4pm for same day despatch


•  Fitting Instructions  •  Frequently Asked Questions  •

433Mhz radio control system with secure
'rolling code' anti-scan technology - details
Range aprox 75 - 100 mtrs

Five Year Manufacturers Guarantee

UK Home Office & CE approved for use in the UK and Europe

Conforms to MPT 1340 specification


  Seip EKR1MC series receivers are compatible with the Home-Link in-car remote control system*
as offered by the following car manufacturers as a factory fitted option:

Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin
Land Rover

Note: the car must have a UK or European spec. Homelink system with software rev. 6 or later (to verify, refer to Homelink Instructions)

Spares & Accessories

•  Replacement Seip Keyfobs  •  Spare Batteries  •

Click image to enlarge
Wall holder for midi keyfob
converts the Seip midi keyfob into a wireless wall control switch

(keyfob can be removed easily for portable use)
price excl. VAT 

Click image to enlarge
Seip wireless external digital numeric entry keypad
can be programmed with up to four separate personal security
codes to provide individual control of four doors or gates
dimensions 83mm x 86mm x 29mm - weight: 112g (inc. batteries)
Five year manufacturers warrantee

compatible with Seip TM & TS series door operators and Seip
EKR1MCG, EKR1MCT & EKR4SP433 receiver units only

Two alkaline AA batteries are included, battery life of approximately 5 years.
Seip Ref: SKR4C433-1
price excl. VAT  

Domino numeric
digital entry keypad
Domino external digital numeric entry keypad

The DOMINO keyless digital entry system is a simple
and secure way to open and close your garage door
without the need for a key or remote control

(three 'AA' batteries included)
Our Ref: GD-1

Would you like to add remote control to your:

Garden Lighting
Water Features
Pond Pumps
or Entrance Gates ?

Seip manufacture a receiver to enable items such as gates or garden pumps & lights etc. to be operated from spare buttons on your Seip keyfob transmitter, the receiver is housed in a weatherproof enclosure making it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

Click Here for Further Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ If my aging electric operator fails, can the new Seip keyfobs be used with a replacement electric operator ?
A/ Yes - Seip are Europe's leading garage door operator manufacturer and the keyfob transmitters supplied with our upgrade kits are compatible with the current Seip electric door operator range and if you decide to purchase a replacement Seip electric door operator from us within 12 months of buying a remote control upgrade we'll buy back the unwanted Seip receiver unit at the original purchase price less 50%.

Q/ Can I use the spare button(s) on Seip keyfobs to control other doors or items around the home ?
A/ Yes - Seip produce a range of receivers to enable gates, water pumps & lights etc. to be controlled by spare buttons on the keyfob

Q/ Will I still be able to use the original hand transmitters ?
A/ Yes - by leaving the original Hormann receiver connected and attaching a new Seip receiver in addition, both new and old transmitters can be used to control a door (please note: you won't benefit from the improved security of the Seip rolling code technology until the old receiver is disconnected)

Q/ What is the range from which I can control the door ?
A/ Seip keyfobs have a range of approx. 75 - 100 Mtrs

High value orders may be despatched by Royal Mail recorded delivery,
if you are not at home to sign for the goods when your postman calls 
please provide an alternative address on our on-line order checkout page

option for orders over 50

Same day despatch on orders submitted by 3pm
Next-day delivery also available*
(*on orders placed Mon to Thurs only)

choose 'next-day' delivery at the checkout

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