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Cardale Garage Doors

autoglide6.jpg (3232 bytes)garage door remote keyfobs

Genuine Cardale AutoGlide III keyfob transmitters

Note: It is important to select the correct frequency when ordering a replacement keyfob

Cardale AutoGlide III models produced from 1988 to 2000 used 418Mhz radio keyfob
transmitters. Production changed to the 433Mhz radio frequency at the end of 2000.
The 433Mhz system was revised in Feb 2006 and current keyfobs are identified by
a red label, these are not compatible with earlier systems which had a blue label
(433Mhz keyfob types have the frequency printed on the front - see below)

Click image to enlarge
Autoglide III key-fob

Autoglide III keyfob - 433Mhz red type
these have been supplied from Feb 2006 onwards
and have 433Mhz printed on a red label
(these are not compatible with the earlier types shown below)

LR23A battery & programming instructions supplied
Cardale ref: AZAA3152

Availability: discontinued (click here for suitable upgrade)

Installation Manual (pdf download)


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Autoglide III key-fob

Autoglide III keyfob - 433Mhz blue type
supplied from late 2000 to Feb 2006 these have 433Mhz
printed on a blue label and use one type LR23A battery

Cardale ref: AZAA3151

Availability: discontinued (click here for suitable upgrade)


Click image to enlarge
Autoglide III key-fob

418Mhz Autoglide III keyfob
(as supplied from mid 1998 to end of 2000)
this keyfob uses one type LR27A battery

Cardale ref: AZAA3150

Availability: discontinued
(click here for suitable upgrade)

Note: these transmitters have been discontinued because the 418Mhz frequency was withdrawn from public use by the Home Office in December 2007 and re-allocated to the European TETRA radio system for the emergency services. (see the Radiocommunications Agency website for details)

Remote control upgrade kit for obsolete systems
We have a convenient & easy to fit CE approved keyfob style
radio system upgrade to suit Cardale Autoglide garage door
Click Here For Details


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UKTX003 - original case style

UKTX003 keyfob transmitter (original case style)
As supplied with many roller type doors including Cordula,
Nationwide,  Rollexa, Steel-line and Thermaglide
, from
approx. 1993 to 1998.  Also used on Cardale AutoGlide II
canopy door operators until May 1998

operating frequency: 418Mhz
LR23A battery included

Availability: discontinued
replaced by later case style (see below)


Click image to enlarge

 UKTX003 updated case style

UKTX003 keyfob transmitter (updated case style)
this case style is fully compatible with the original UKTX003
keyfob shown above and can be used as a direct replacement.

operating frequency: 418Mhz
LR23A battery included

Cardale part ref: AZAA1007 / AZAR2003
[Cardale price 64.63 excl. VAT]
our price for one: excl. VAT
qty price: (two or more) each excl. VAT




UKTX003 transmitters are not compatible with any other 418Mhz keyfob types so if your existing remote control doesn't resemble either of the two types picture here they won't be compatible with your garage door.

Each remote control system manufacturer uses a unique security code protocol, therefore these transmitters can only be used with the specific make & model of equipment for which they were intended and will not be compatible with any other make of remote control system even if the radio frequency is the same.

Click image to enlarge

UKTX003 Programming Procedure

UKTX003 keyfob transmitters use DIP switch type security coding and have ten
binary switches inside to set the security code to one of 1024 combinations.

To programme an additional transmitter, open your keyfob by removing the screw on the back and set the position of the ten switches in the new transmitter to the same sequence as the ten switches in your original keyfob transmitter.  Note: if you've lost your original keyfob you can refer to the position of the ten switches on the UKRX003 receiver unit in the garage (see image below)

Click image to enlarge

 Location of the security code switches in the UKRX003 receiver unit

Please note that the switches in the keyfob must be set to the opposite way
to the ten switches on the UKRX003 receiver unit. (e.g. if a switch is set to
'on' on the receiver it must be set to 'off' in the key fob)

Note: The UKTX003 keyfob will be withdrawn when stocks are exhausted as the Home Office have
re-allocated the 418Mhz radio frequency to the new European TETRA radio system. >> details

Quantity Discounts are calculated automatically
by our on-line shopping system where applicable
(just enter the quantity required and click 'Buy Now')

We have a convenient & easy to fit CE approved keyfob style
radio system upgrade to suit your existing garage door operator

  Click Here For Details  

Replacement  Batteries & Accessories

12 Volt battery type GP23A
(alt. ref 23AE)
Equivalent to types: LR23A, 8LR932, MN21, V23GA, E23A
Dimensions: L 27.5mm x 10mm dia.
Suits keyfob types
AZAA1007, AZAR2003, AZAA3151 &  AZAA3152

price excl. VAT 
(quantity discount available on batteries,
enter quantity required to display)


12 Volt Alkaline battery type GP27A (alt. ref 27A)
Equivalent to types: LR27A & MN27
Dimensions: L 27.5mm x 7.6mm dia.
(as used in Cardale Autoglide III
418Mhz keyfob type AZAA3150)

price excl. VAT 


Domino numeric
digital entry keypad

Domino external digital numeric entry system

The DOMINO keyless digital entry system is a simple
and secure way to open and close your garage door
without the need for a key or remote control
(three 'AA' batteries included)

Our Ref: GD-1 
Cardale Ref: AZAD1008
[Cardale list price 89.10 excl. VAT]

our price
excl. VAT

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