Installation Instructions - SEN/H/R3  Sentry three channel 'code hopping' 433Mhz remote control system

Suitable for use with all remote controlled garage door operators having an external receiver connected with three terminals

Electrical Connections
Connections to the receiver are by screw terminals, connections are as follows  :-
Power : connect to a 12 to 24 volt AC or DC power source
(this is available from most makes of garage door operator)
Important :-
On multiple door installations take power from one motor only

Relay outputs
channel 1 = Yellow button on fob
channel 2 = Red button on fob
channel 3 = Blue button on fob
(three individual outputs)

Relay connections
NC - 'volt free' relay contact - normally closed
NO - 'volt free' relay contact - normally open
COM -  relay contact 'common'
Note :- for normal garage door or gate applications simply connect a length of 'bell wire' from the 'COM & 'NO' terminals to the pushbutton connections of the garage door operator

Position the brown aerial wire away from other wiring or metalwork

Mode of operation
Each channel can be configured in one of two modes :- momentary mode -  each relay is energized when the corresponding keyfob button is pressed and releases when the button is released.
(use momentary mode for garage door & gate control)
latch mode -  the relay is switched on when the keyfob button is pressed and remains on until  the button is pressed again. - select this mode by connecting the jumper plugs to pins on the P.C.B. (3x jumper plugs supplied)

The receiver unit should be mounted in a position away from metal obstructions and as high as is practical. In most cases range will be increased by mounting the receiver with the brown aerial wire hanging downwards. The receiver unit can be screwed into position or mounted with self-adhesive Velcro pads.
Range - up to 100Mtrs
433.920Mhz  MPT 1340  UK  approved  frequency



433Mhz three channel 'code hopping' radio control system
Stock No. SEN/H/R3

Amourelle Products, Unit 16 James Scott Rd, Halesowen, West Midlands B63 2QT

Sentry 433Mhz rolling code system

Digital code system
The keyfob transmitters communicate to the receiver by digitally coded transmission.   Each transmitter is factory pre-programmed with a unique set of security codes from a choice of 260 million different codes and 'hops' to a new code after every operation,  the receiver unit can learn & memorize the unique security code signature of up to eight individual keyfob transmitters.

Your receiver will be pre-programmed ready for use with any keyfobs purchased with it, but will require programming if any further keyfobs are added.

Programming instructions
1. Remove  the receiver cover and locate the small red 'Program'  button on the printed circuit board and press it briefly, the LED next to the button will flash once to indicate that the receiver has entered into 'code learning mode'  (the 24v power must be connected)
2. Hold the new keyfob transmitter two metres away from the receiver and press and hold any button until the receiver LED has flashed three times.
3. Repeat steps 1. & 2. above to program a total of up to eight keyfobs.
4. Exit programming mode by repeatedly pressing the red 'program'  button until the receiver LED illuminates for one second, your keyfob(s) should now operate your receiver.

Clearing the memory - (necessary if a handset has been lost or stolen)
Repeat steps 1 & 2 above eight times (using each of your keyfobs)  to 'over write' all eight memory slots, this will ensure any previously memorised fobs will be erase

SEN/H/T3 keyfob

keyfob Battery Replacement
Remove the fixing screw on the back cover and open the keyfob casing to reveal a 12 volt car alarm battery type LR23A