Installation Instructions  -  Sentry 433Mhz remote control system

SEN/R/R1 receiver & SEN/R/T1 keyfob
(with cover removed)

Suitable for use with all remote controlled operators having an external receiver connected with three terminals

Electrical Connections
The receiver is supplied pre-wired with coloured wires, connect
the wires to the garage door opener motor unit  as follows:

Connect black wire to electric operator terminal 1
(common - negative/ground) 
Connect white wire to operator terminal 2
(normally open - relay contact)
Connect red wire to operator terminal 3    
(12V - 24V DC/AC power supply source

Position the brown aerial wire away from other wiring or metalwork

The receiver unit should be mounted in a position away from metal obstructions and as high as is practical. In most cases range will be increased by mounting the receiver vertically with the brown aerial wire hanging downwards. The receiver unit can be screwed into position or mounted with the self-adhesive Velcro pads.

keyfob Battery Replacement
Remove the fixing screw on the back cover and open the keyfob casing to reveal a 12 volt car alarm battery type LR-23A (available from most car accessory shops)

Digital code system
The  keyfob transmitters  communicate to the receiver by digitally coded transmission.  The security code is user set by means of twelve switches inside the keyfob transmitter providing a choice of 4096 different security codes, the receiver unit can learn & memorize the security code from keyfob  transmitter electronically.

Code Programming - Important
All Keyfobs are supplied set to a standard factory code so
a unique code should be set on installation as follows:

Remove the screw on back then open the keyfob(s) and locate the twelve way code switch inside, remove the yellow tape from the switch block and set a random on/ off sequence on the 12 switches, (if you have more than one keyfob, all must be set to the same code)
To teach the receiver the new security code, access is required to the receiver.   With the cover of the receiver removed, locate the small red button at the top RH corner of the printed circuit board and press it for approximately one second.    The LED will illuminate briefly when the button is pressed. The next step is to hold the keyfob  transmitter approximately 2 metres away from the receiver and press the button on your keyfob for approximately half a second. The LED on the receiver will light for one second to confirm that the security code has been learnt.

Sentry keyfob transmitter

SEN/R/T1 keyfob transmitter
dimensions 66mm x 33mm x 14mm

Range - up to 100Mtrs
433.920Mhz  MPT 1340  UK  approved  frequency



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